Sunday, February 13, 2011

Windows Server Side Operating System – Reliability and Cost Saving

One of the web hosting features that you should determine before you bought any web hosting plan is the platform of the web hosting itself. Most of the web hosting companies usually offer you about two options of platforms, even more. The most common ones are Linux and Windows.
Linux/Unix, Windows NT, and Sun platforms are some of the operating system platform that widely used in the web hosting business. However, since Microsoft Corporation decided to release the Windows XP operating system platform, the market starts to move towards this option. Windows platform for web hosting widely known for it’s reliably, easy to use, and inexpensiveness.
window server 2008 unleashedJust like any other Microsoft Corporation’s product, this Windows platform for web hosting is created with user-friendly feature in mind to enhance the user experiences and minimize the learning efforts. That’s why this Windows platform for web hosting is easy to work with. They also give the users a familiar environment to use this platform so they won’t need any serious help in setting their first websites.
Users could also set their website easily because the Microsoft’s developers are being creative and helpful in creating the Windows Server Side operating system. As you probably know, the Windows NT platform is almost as reliable as the Windows XP’s one. But, in the case in Windows XP platform, there are so many improvements that you won’t find in the Windows NT platform. One of the both platforms familiarities is the technical and maintenance knowledge dependency.
windows developmentWindows XP platform is a scalable and cost-effective. You could set up all functions in Internet Server with your Windows XP platform in a matter of hours, not days. To create an interactive websites, you could add some of the applications into your Windows XP platform like ASP, Perl, and PHP. ASP will allow your website to run the scripting in your server before presents it to the users. Perl is one of the best choices to dealing with information that being submitted from your website, processes it, and stored it. PHP will be very helpful in creating an interesting webpage for your users.
If you really wants to put some of these applications, and probably add some more, feel free to use the Windows XP platform, because it’s much easier to use and the user interface is probably more familiar to you if you already used the Windows XP’s operating system before.

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