Sunday, February 13, 2011

Windows Server Side Operating System – Reliability and Cost Saving

One of the web hosting features that you should determine before you bought any web hosting plan is the platform of the web hosting itself. Most of the web hosting companies usually offer you about two options of platforms, even more. The most common ones are Linux and Windows.
Linux/Unix, Windows NT, and Sun platforms are some of the operating system platform that widely used in the web hosting business. However, since Microsoft Corporation decided to release the Windows XP operating system platform, the market starts to move towards this option. Windows platform for web hosting widely known for it’s reliably, easy to use, and inexpensiveness.
window server 2008 unleashedJust like any other Microsoft Corporation’s product, this Windows platform for web hosting is created with user-friendly feature in mind to enhance the user experiences and minimize the learning efforts. That’s why this Windows platform for web hosting is easy to work with. They also give the users a familiar environment to use this platform so they won’t need any serious help in setting their first websites.
Users could also set their website easily because the Microsoft’s developers are being creative and helpful in creating the Windows Server Side operating system. As you probably know, the Windows NT platform is almost as reliable as the Windows XP’s one. But, in the case in Windows XP platform, there are so many improvements that you won’t find in the Windows NT platform. One of the both platforms familiarities is the technical and maintenance knowledge dependency.
windows developmentWindows XP platform is a scalable and cost-effective. You could set up all functions in Internet Server with your Windows XP platform in a matter of hours, not days. To create an interactive websites, you could add some of the applications into your Windows XP platform like ASP, Perl, and PHP. ASP will allow your website to run the scripting in your server before presents it to the users. Perl is one of the best choices to dealing with information that being submitted from your website, processes it, and stored it. PHP will be very helpful in creating an interesting webpage for your users.
If you really wants to put some of these applications, and probably add some more, feel free to use the Windows XP platform, because it’s much easier to use and the user interface is probably more familiar to you if you already used the Windows XP’s operating system before.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Application Service Providers – Enhancing Communications and Productivity Performance

Application service providers, or usually called ASP is one of the things that blooms during the famous of web hosting. ASP often used by a company to increase the quality of their services and creating new innovative services at the same time. To erase the confusion, the ASP term in this article is totally different with an application from Microsoft Corporations.
Application service providersThere are so many applications that are provided by ASP models. It’s because if there is something new on the market, people will try to get into those market and profiting from it. This is what happens with ASP model applications. Developers and programmers start seeing the future of this model, creating their applications in ASP model, and put it in the marketplace. Some of the applications that created are remotely-hosted applications that already proven so save more money, applications that regularly used in businesses and proven to increase companies profits without spending more money, and some web applications that the main focus is to enhance the communications and productivity between the member of companies and their customers.
ASP model mostly implemented in the crucial areas in a company. They could deal with various tasks and business functions such as e-commerce transaction, human resource, materials management, and also financial management.
ASP models often doing their job greatly by providing the companies with what they need so the businesses could run smoothly and minimize the problems that might occur when they’re doing it with other models. Just like you read before, there are so many applications that born from this ASP models and proven to be very helpful for the companies. The ASP model’s principle is not only limited to the business functions, but it also could be stretched out in any other industries and departments.

productivity growthMajor benefits for companies that using applications with ASP model is that they could save more time and money, and also increase their productivities. The big ASP’s based marketplace offering a huge collections of applications that the companies could use by paying less than outright purchase through usage charges. With this, companies could give the rest of their problems to the ASP’s applications and concentrated to their core of businesses. Furthermore, many developers and programmers often getting creative with their application ideas and creating more and more ASP based applications which never thought before. These types of applications usually turns out to be profitable because it can handle the company’s problems more effective, simple, and fast.
Another benefit that should be added into the list is that ASP’s based applications minimize the need to get the outsider technical helps or maintenance. It’s because the company or people who created this application will do a constant update, software management, remote hosting, and a complete customer support.
There are so many ASP service providers out there that you could take advantage of and host your applications. It’s much better in getting one of these ASP service providers than hosted it yourself because they could help you to maintain your applications for a smaller fee than others.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MS Exchange Hosting Companies

The following table shows a list of companies that are providing MS Exchange hosting along with prices of their package(s).
Company Email Price Price:
Intermedia From
$9.95/mo per user
Apptix Contact
sales for a custom quote
Inc. $8.95/month
LLC. From
$9.95/month per user
LLC $12.95
per user/month
LiveOffice Starting
at $6.00/month
- a Rackspace company Contact
Virtual-eMail Contact
Verizon Contact
Mail $9.95
Internet Services, Inc. $9.95/mo
per user
JustExchange $5.00
to $10.00/mo per user
My Mail, Inc Starting
at $9.99mo/user
Ltd. £15.00/user/month
Inc. Price:
Inc. 9.95/mailbox
Inc. Contact
Services Contact
ElephantOutlook $9.95/mailbox/month
ASP From
Development Inc $9.95/box/month
DSLExtreme $4.95/month
per user
Networks $10.00
per mailbox per month
Corporation Contact Contact
Message Center $1.95-$9.95
Internet Inc $6.99
per user
Ridge Internetworks From
$11.95 per month per user
Hostbasket $9.95/mailbox/month
Solutions Now $9.95
SpiderGroup $30
per user
Enterprises $10.00/month/mailbox
Solutions $9.95

Monday, January 17, 2011

Exchange Hosting Working

The 1&1 Exchange environment is only compatible with Windows XP with Service Pack 1 and Hotfixes installed. You cannot use Windows 2000 or NT to connect to the Exchange server using RPC over HTTP. You can, however, use POP3 or IMAP.

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services (EHS) offers online tools to help your organization protect itself from spam and malware, satisfy retention requirements for e-discovery and compliance, encrypt data to preserve confidentiality, and maintain access to e-mail during and after emergency situations.
Electronic messaging is mission critical, but remains vulnerable to a growing array of threats. Viruses, worms, denial-of-service attacks, spam, legal e-discovery and the need to satisfy a growing set of regulations all make effective message management increasingly difficult.
Microsoft ® offers a range of solutions to assist companies in meeting complex e-mail requirements, including hosted services for e-mail filtering, encryption, archiving and continuity assurance that help businesses communicate with confidence. Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services (EHS) provide enterprise-class reliability for messaging security and management and can assist your organization by protecting itself from spam and malware, satisfying complex retention requirements for e-Discovery and compliance, encrypting data to help preserve confidentiality and maintaining access to e-mail during and after emergency situations.
EHS can help you simplify the administration of your messaging environments with services that are easy to deploy, manage, and maintain. The hosted online services model requires no hardware or software installation, minimizes up-front investment and provides a predictable payment schedule through a subscription-based service.
As a Microsoft Online Service, Exchange Hosted Services provide a layer of protection features deployed across a global network of secure Internet data centers. The services create a security-enhanced message stream to and from your on-premises, hosted or Exchange Online messaging environment.
Enterprise Class Reliability
• Scales to meet the needs of virtually any enterprise
• SLA-supported uptime and performance
• Tried and tested backup e-mail system for rapid disaster recovery
• Secure, strategically located, geo-redundant data centers
Active Protection
• Layered real-time anti-spam and anti-virus defenses
• Eliminate threads before they reach the corporate firewall
• Assists with policy enforcement
• Directory Synchronization tool can help reduce “noise” and risk
• Helps increase available bandwidth
Simplified Management
• Simplifies IT environment by minimizing the need to deploy, configure, monitor, and update in-house e-mail security servers and applications
• Helps free network and server resources
• Eliminates up-front capital investment
• Offers a predictable, subscription-based payment
• Lower total cost of ownership when compared with on-premises solutions
• Allows you to respond quickly to e-Discovery requests
• Helps free up administrator time to focus on other projects
Download Exchange Hosted Services datasheet: Word | XPS

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